New! The Billion 7800 has been replaced. You can find our latest equipment recommendations on our Which Broadband Modem Router? page.. The Billion 7800 is a cost-effective alternative to the Billion 7800N for those not requiring WiFi wireless capability. As with the Billion 7800N, this modem is perfect for challenging or long ADSL lines, and gives the highest speeds possible on high-quality lines.

Login with the modem Billion BiPAC-7800N with the following default ip address (, username and password Port forwarding Billion 7800 NXL Please Help remote access Jun 29, 2017 Billion 7800 VDOX - wifi on phones - Billion Nov 10, 2014 Billion BiPAC 7800N - Dual WAN ADSL2

BiPAC 7800VDPX is a fibre-ready triple-WAN ADSL2+ dual-band modem router, an all-in-one advanced device including concurrent dual-band Wireless-N 600Mbps (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Voice over IP, LTE, Gigabit Ethernet, andNAS (Network Attached Storage) in one unit.

Billion might not have the designer packaging or multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns of Netgear and Western Digital, but this Taiwanese brand has built a strong following amongst Aussie

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The problem appears to be that both the Huawei E8372 and the Billion 7800 series routers use a default network address of, with a subnet mask of So both allow LAN IP addresses from to Login with the modem Billion BiPAC-7800N with the following default ip address (, username and password Billion 7800 on 24 Meg Variety LLU. meditator (fountain of knowledge) Sat 26-May-12 11:06:51: Re: Billion 7800 and DMT [link to this post] Thanks for your thoughts on I had Plusnet Fibre installed today. It all works fine with the Plusnet router and intermittent with my Billion 7800, does anyone else use this router? If I power off the Billion and restart, it always seems to get an orange 'Internet' light. However if I then go into the web configuration and resta I have been trying to configure a Billion 7800 VDOX for a relative today without total success. I am using a MNF account with two lines / sip accounts. My understanding is that one of the MNF SIP accounts must register on port 5060 and the other one on 5061.