May 07, 2020 Installing and Configuring WireGuard® on Linux as a VPN Important: To install the Linux kernel headers, your instance must be configured to boot using local boot and running on a Linux kernel ≥ 3.10. Once WireGuard is installed, you can check that the installation succeeded by running: wg, if you get no output it’s all good.In order to check that the WireGuard kernel module has loaded you can run sudo modprobe wireguard. Windows VPS, Buy RDP, Cheap VPS, RDP Server, Linux VPS

Linux VPS Hosting Provider : Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Jul 03, 2020

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Cheap Linux VPS - performance, security, scalability Managing a Linux VPS server can be tough, especially at the beginning. We offer assistance and guidance in these first steps on setting up your dream server on VPS Linux. And if you need any further tips, feel free to visit our knowledge base or ask a question in the community forums. Setting up VPN on Linux -