How To Clear History On iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

How to Clear Your Frequent Location History on an iPhone May 15, 2018 How Do I Delete Excess Google Search Entries On My iPhone As we all know that every page you open on your iPhone browser is recorded in the browsing history list. It is very easy to do when using our guide as we have step-by-step instructions to teach you. Being able to revisit your visited web pages is one of the most common advantages of a search history list. Why can't I clear my browsing history… - Apple Community

Permanent Deletion of Web History on Your iPhone

How Do I Delete Excess Google Search Entries On My iPhone

If you share an iPhone or iPad with others, you may wish to keep parts of your iPhone web browsing history private. But what if you forget to turn on Private Browsing? You could clear your entire browsing history, but nothing says "I'm hiding things from you" more effectively than clearing your browsing history. Fortunately, there are options for clearing your Safari history on iPhone selectively.

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