Im have a problem with it in which my ps3 cant connect to any wifi. It cannot scan my wifi signal or any other wifi internet for that matter. Before, there used to be a list of wifi but now, there isnt any, when i press scan, it says "access point wasnt detected" . Also, my ps3 controller wont connect to the ps3 without the wire.

There are just wireless devices that are not set or not compatible to work with a band Ghz network. The wireless capability might not be up to date or limited to work with a 2.4 Ghz network only. In your case, you might want to check with Sony if your PS3 can be updated to work with a 5 GHz network. Confirm that an Ethernet cable is not connected to the PS3™ system. 3. Select (Settings) > (Network Settings). 4. Select [Internet Connection Settings]. Select [Yes] when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet. 5. Select [Easy]. 6. Select [Wireless]. 7. Select [Scan]. With the PS3 turned off, connect the controller to the PS3™ with the supplied USB cable. Turn on the PS3™. Press the PS button in the center of the controller Note:It is not possible to pair a controller to a PS3™ wirelessly. When the PS3 is off, unplug it from the wall or flip the switch on the back. Take a pin and press the reset button on the bottom of the Dualshock 3. Plug the PS3 back in or flip the switch back on. Connect the PS3 to the Dualshock 3 with the USB cord. Hold down the PS Button on the Dualshock 3. Allow the PS3 to start up from the hitting the PS Feb 13, 2011 · the same crap happened to me after i went wireless. well in my case what the problem was that my router couldnt handle that many connections. like being connected to the ps3 and computer and my sisters laptop. the computers internet and laptops internet would work fine but when i turned off my computer i got the ps3 to connect to the network

Sep 15, 2017 · Unplug the modem and wireless router's power cables. Leave them unplugged for at least two minutes, then plug them back in. Double-check the name of your home network. If your PS3 has even one letter or digit wrong, it won't connect.

Wireless internet or WiFi has a lot of uses on the PlayStation 3 game console. The user needs it to play games online, buy or download games, watch Netflix, browse the internet, and so much more. Read on in this article to learn the fastest/easiest way to connect your console to the internet. My controller wont connect to my PC. Connecting to PC via a wired connection is advised. Simply connect via the USB cable provided with "plug and play" support. My controller wont connect to my PC via Bluetooth. For wireless Bluetooth™ connectivity, (designed for gameplay within Steam software). Just got a PS3 slim and am incredibly frustrated that I can't get it hooked up online via wi-fi. I know wi-fi works in our house, as our second computer logs online in this way.

PS3 won't connect to 5g. Log into your router and check your 2.4gh settings, I bet it has different security set up or a different password altogether.

Jun 13, 2017 · This article assumes your wireless network is configured and functioning correctly. To connect PlayStation 3 to your wireless home network: Turn your PlayStation 3 on. You will need a controller to navigate through the PS3 menus. From the PS3 Home menu, select Settings > Network Settings and press the "X" button on your controller. Why doesn't my controller sync to my PS3? Why doesn't my controller register a button command? Why doesn't my controller vibrate? My controller is reacting as if I am pressing a button/analog stick, but I am not pressing anything. How can I fix this? My controller works, but why don’t the LED’s turn on when I connect my controller? Nah, it's just the connection to the PS3. My comp., as well as my roommate's comp. are working fine. In fact, his 360 is connecting to live, but neither of us can figure out how to get my PS3 to connect atm. Oct 15, 2011 · PS3 - Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection - Duration: 2:25. XTREMEPSPDOTCOM 724,686 views. 2:25. How to connect a ps3 to the internet wirelessly - Duration: 3:05. I have even looked into the possibility of using a projector (and not bothering with a TV in the bed) but the problem with that seems to be finding one that will connect wirelessly to the Ps3! Ugh